I just found my (wimpy laptop) machine running slowly after
processing a few (4) images with gimp from current svn (with several
scales, a crop and several saves) then closing all the image windows.
I ran a quick memory check and discovered that gimp was using 51Mb
despite not having any images open.

I played around with gmemusage to get a feel for what was going
on. GIMP 2.3 uses between 33.9 and 35.0 Mb on startup (no images
loaded, and I don't know why it isn't always the same). For
comparison, 2.2.13 uses about 13.9 Mb at startup, so it's increased
by a factor of about 2.5 just for the base app, before images.

Each time I load an image then close the image window without doing
anything, gimp grows by some variable amount, ranging from half a
Mb to 2Mb (perhaps related to the size of the image). If I do
operations on the image before closing it, these cause it to grow
more: doing a crop and a scale almost always makes it grow 2Mb
even with a relatively small image.

This seems like a memory leak (there's no usable history once an
image is closed, right? so basically it's back in the same state
it was before, except using more memory). Or is there useful
information that's being saved about each image? I know there's
one name and thumbnail added to the Recent Images list, but surely
that doesn't account for 2Mb. Nobody on #gimp knew much about it
when I asked, and there was some agreement that it sounded like
a leak.

However, I also see this ~2Mb growth in 2.2, so if it's a memory
leak, it's not a new one.

So my questions are:

- Is the growth that comes from loading an image, doing operations
  on it then closing the window expected? What is this memory being
  used for?

- Is anyone concerned about gimp's minimal profile having risen from
  14M to 35M?

If there's agreement that there's a problem I can file a bug and
maybe dig in more detail into where the memory's going, but I wanted
to ask here first.

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