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My apologies for bringing this up again.  It has to be a FAQ, but my
specific question is one that I wasn't able to find an answer to in the

My question is this: where is the 8-bit per color channel limitation in
GIMP?  That is, which bits of the source code limit the GIMP this way?

I ask because I took a brief look at the source, and it seems the
internal color representation is stored in a GimpRGB struct, but that's
one of these:

     struct _GimpRGB
       gdouble r, g, b, a;

Where a gdouble is really a double.

In other words, it looks based on this naive examination like GIMP is
already capable of handling pretty much arbitrary resolution per channel.

What am I missing, and where do I need to look to see the limitations
that prevent GIMP from handling more than 8 bits per channel?

Thanks, and sorry for the naive question...

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