I suppose I'm most qualified to answer that. (I still lurk on the  
mailing list) It hasn't been forgotten, just put on the back burner.

At the moment, I'm unsure what to do with it as it requires Gimp 2.3.  
I tried doing a bit of advertising on a couple Ruby sites, but nobody  
seemed interested in installing the development version of Gimp to  
try/use it. With only a couple people that I know of using it, the  
motivation level for working on it is pretty low compared to some of  
my other projects.

  Several times I've considered backporting it to 2.2, but there were  
a couple of things that it would use that are becoming deprecated as  
of 2.4. Waiting out the 2.4 release seems to be a bit of a mistake  
perhaps as I've been doing that for almost a year now. What do you  
mailing list folks think I should do?
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