Hi Sven,

thanks for your reply.

Of course it's possible to take screenshots under Mac OS - but in a
very clumsy way:

1. Use the system-wide keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots into
the Clipboard:

Control + Shift + Command + 3    ----> a shot from the entire screen
Control + Shift + Command + 4    ----> a shot from a selection of the
Control + Shift + Command + 4 and then press SPACEBAR   ----> a shot
from only one window

By the way, if you use these commands without pressing the CONTROL
key, the images are stored in a file, not the clipboard.

2. In GIMP, use File > Acquire > From Clipboard

The thing is that it is NOT possible to get the screenshot into GIMP
via clipboard – so you've got to save them into files, open them,
doing cropping and other work, to save them and at least to delete
that files Mac OS generates on the desktop automatically.
So you've got to to very clumsy things instead of going the very
elegant way using the GIMP-functionality.

But for me the most important part is answered: i know that I've got
to mention in my masterthesis that this functionality is not available
 under Mac OS (yet).

Hope that someone will close this gap sometime

Thank you very much for your answer


Akki Nitsch

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Sven Neumann schrieb:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 01:01 +0200, Akki Nitsch wrote:
>> But under Mac OS there are some problems. I've installed the GIMP on
>> two different ways under Mac OS. The first way is via Mac Ports and
>> the Acquire-Screenshot-function can only get screen-shots of programs
>> running under the X11-server I'm running under Mac OS (like OOo.org).
> That seems to be a limitation of the Apple X11 server then. To work
> around that, someone would have to write code specific to Mac OS X.
> There's currently no one working on this but it shouldn't be difficult
> for someone who knows a little about Quartz.
> Mac OS X certainly offers the capability of taking screenshots, doesn't
> it? Shouldn't you be able to get that screenshot into GIMP quite easily?
> Perhaps using the clipboard?
> Sven
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