2007/7/20, jEsuSdA <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Hi Sven

> Looks about as much like GIMP as any other image manipulation program
> looks like GIMP. Or like Photoshop.

Please, read the specs and features, you could find some peculiarities
like layer features or color support and image file support that I think
are similar to Gimp ones.

The web says something about Open Source, but is not clear at for me.

This just means _you_ should read the spec page. I clearly states:

*mageMagick *

ImageMagick is an open source technology to create, edit, and compose bitmap
images. It is used as a core for Pixelmator Learn more about

I'm not talking about interface (that it resembles too gimp one).

Also on the spec page they say:

- Image processing is powered by Core Image and Open GL

Does this sound like GIMP to you?

Greetings, lexA

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