"Michael Schumacher" <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb:
> Von: "Heiko Schmidt" <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Sorry Michael don't know what you man with "in PATH"
> PATH is an environment variable. Its value - -a list of directories - 
> determines where programs and DLL files are searched when they are requested.
> > What I noticed is, I have in the MinGW\bin folder a dll with the same
> > name but very old (dated 19.09.2004) maybe this causes ┬┤the problem?
> Yes, most likely. You did run GIMP 2.3 from the MSYS console, didn't you?
> HTH,
> Michael

Ok thanks Michael,
the evironment variable PATH is not unknown for me and now I know what
you mean. In my case the PATH variable is set to C:\Mingw\bin and in
that folder is as already mentioned a very old libpng12.dll. But the
libpng12.dll which apparently caused the error message is inside of the
gtk directory. 

As I told I replaced in the GTK directory  the newer dll with the older
one and the problem was solved but now the newer dll  (in GTK 2.3.13
package) seems to work as well. Strange! 

Should I set up a new PATH variable pointing to the GTK\2.0 directory to
avoid  this error in the future?

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