I found a gimp-2.3.18-i586-setup.exe and installed it (after a system backup).  
I wanted to check the functions you mentioned without having to set up a build 
from source code.

Anyway, the way the freehand select is working in 2.3.18 is great, it was just 
what I was looking for.  The advise about using the channels for the boolean 
operations on multiple selections worked out great as well, I didn't realize 
they had that capability.  I had never thought of channels beyond the Red, 
Blue, Green decomposition of the image & didn't have occasion to think of using 

I tried the foreground select and found it pretty interesting.  It looks like 
it wil be a real time saver.  I did have a couple of observations which might 
be old news since this is one version back from 2.3.19, but here goes just in 

1) There wasn't an obvious want to tell the tool you were done refining and 
ready to make the selection.  It took a while to notice the message at the 
bottom of the window to hit enter. Seems like putting in a button would save 
some new user fumbling, but after they discover that "Enter" is the shortcut, 
they will probably not use the button any more.  Don't know what to recommend 
for this.

2) The foreground select tool seemed to act differently depending on the image 
size (pixels) and the zoom level.  Might be the version, might be the 
installation I picked up.  With an image that is 2304 x 3072 which comes up 
with a default 25% zoom on my screen, the preview display covers the entire 
image after selecting a region to work on.  Taking it up to 100% zoom displays 
it they way you would expect.

Anyway,  thanks for the help, sorry to bother you with things that have already 
been addressed in the new build and current capability.


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On 7/27/07, Stephen Kiel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> David,
> Thanks for the reply.  I am using the Windows version of 2.2.17.  In this 
> version the issue that I am having an issue with can be reproduced in any 
> image by selecting the freehand select tool, draw a circle in the image 
> creating a selection, press the subtract from current selection mode button, 
> move the cursor inside the selected region, depress the mouse button to start 
> defining the region you want to subtract, and when you move the mouse you 
> move the selection as a floating section instead of defining what you want to 
> subtract.  If there is a fairly stable version of the tool that has a fix for 
> the issue I am having, that would be great.  Which version should I be using?

You could just wait for the next release, which IIRC should be 2.4,
and thus a 'stable' release; you might even consider using 2.3.19,
since it is right at the end of the 2.4 development cycle and so
almost as stable.

This problem you describe has been fixed for quite a while, although
not as long as I thought (since version 2.3.12) -- this problem isn't
quite what I thought it was. Anyway, it has been fixed in a way such
that subtraction/adding/intersection is always predictable, but if you
want to cut out/copy out the selected area, you need to either use
'float' in the menus to do that, or (CTRL+ALT+drag to cut the area
out, ALT+SHIFT+drag to copy the area out.)

> Your comment "See the Channels dialog -- that's exactly what it is for." for 
> a providing a selection stack capability sounds interesting.  Do you have a 
> link or reference that elaborates on this?

Hitting F1 in the channels dialog provides a pretty good description,
including how to compose a selection from several channels.

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