we talked on the ixDa list before, remember.

> design.I am studying Computer Science and Product Design,

happy to see you took my advice on the latter.

> later planning to study and work in Interaction/Interface. I would  
> like to volunteer for the UI design of GIMP.

I am afraid that I do not have positions open at the moment
(we also talked about that before).

> Were can I upload a mock-up of UI changes?

That is a good one. A drop-box where people could
contribute their ideas for GIMP, as long as it is a picture
(jpeg, png, gif. no polemic, please).

Sort of a visual brainstorming.

Everybody could see it as a gallery, but again, no comments.
My team would sort out the spam and the obnoxious.

A sort of dialog could still ensue between contributors, as
long as their pics make is past moderation (what was that
with the obnoxious, again?)

In my experience no idea is too wild to trigger a sound UI solution
at the end.

> What's the point of a wiki that cann't be edited (there's no option  
> for creating an account in

the wiki is there for my team to work together and have everything
in one place, versioned. And to work out in the open, so people like you
can see how these things work. If that wiki was publicly editable,
then the opinion of a thousand guys would flush out my teams diagnoses
in a week, and we could start working in another wiki.

> Just keep the layer modes.

hot topic, no? I want you to remember this:

"everything you can do with layer modes, and even more powerful stuff,
can be done in other other ways these days that are 10 times more

you will that see one day in GIMP, nut not layer modes.

have you read this already?


this is just about my last mail before my holiday, so further
discussion will have wait a couple of weeks.


         principal user interaction architect
         man + machine interface works
 : on interaction architecture

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