2007/8/2, damianzalewski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi
> I want you to show completely new layout of gimp.org instead of this
> one at next.gimp.org
> This is just a prototape.
> Here's a link
> http://ps6.webd.pl/gimpweb/gimp_org.png
> It is over 600kb png file so be patient

I like it, it's better than the current one. But I suggest some changes:
1) there's too much wasted space on the top. this is the place that users
see first, and currently it's a green bg. The dark menu should be on top.
2) the text should be text, not images. This font looks nice, but it seems
not common. I haven't read the html, but it shouldn't be implemented as
images just to use that font. This allows for users to change size and even
the font (from useit).
3) there's 2 menus that look similar. it's better to have just one or make
two menus with clearly different purposes.
4) -minor- there's 3 green bgs. Why not use an image bg and a solid color
5) -minor- the dark menu could be horizontal (placed on top of the website).
also there's no need to label it "menu". the blueish color may be used as a
hover effect.
6) there's no graphics, at minimum place a logo that links to the
/index.html (from useit, in /index.html it shouldn't be a link) and
-optional- some screenshots.
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