On 8/5/07, damianzalewski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 1. When designing complicated project for example cd cover I often
> have to chain and unchain layers.
> Would be nice if gimp would have option - unchain all.
Maybe, but you can already do this in two clicks

1. shift-click on the layer chain to make a layer the only one chained
2. click on the layer chain to unchain that one too.

> 2. I can't make gradients bigger the current image area.
> Couldn't it work like other tools.
Works for me. Are you running GIMP on the dreaded Windows OS? ;)

> 3. Every time I want to move layer using move tool I have to
> click on this layer first to be able to use arrows keys on keyboard

At all, or on that layer? if at all, then see below about your WM.
otherwise, you probably don't have that layer selected (== the active
layer). If you can think of a way to improve this behaviour, then
please say so.

> 4. I have to click on the top of image window to go to
> fulscreen mode (pressing TAB)

That sounds like it's related to your window manager not giving the
image window focus.
Personally I find it best to set the focus to follow the mouse, then i
needn't do any clicking.
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