On Sat, 2007-08-04 at 19:45 +0100, Nicola Archibald wrote:

> Attached is a patch, against svn, which adds ACO importing, and CSS
> color extraction, for the palette system.
> The ACO code only reads the version 1 section at the moment, I plan on
> finishing the version 2 support to extract color names a little later.
> Color spaces supported are RGB, CMYK, HSV and greyscale, but not Lab.
> The CSS import extracts colors defined in a .css file.
> If this patch meets the standards, perhaps someone would like to
> incorporate it into the repository.
> This patch would, I believe, enable the closing of Bug #316618

Very nice, thank you. Could you please attach these patches to the bug
report? That will make sure that they aren't forgotten. Perhaps I can
even get to review them later tonight. But it would still be nice to
have them attached to the bug report.


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