Sven Neumann wrote:
> Second, this is a
> developer list. If you want to make a user suggestion without going into
> implementation details, then please use the gimp-user mailing-list for
> that.

Id like to see this followed more strictly. people who post feature 
requests, to be pointed in the right direction. - it dosnt have to be rude.

These seems to be tension between developers and users who want to 
influence the development direction of the gimp.

This adds a fair bit of noise to the list and means the quality of 
discussion is lower with interjections by people who are not developers 
and dont appreciate the purpose of the list.

Im not a gimp developer so I cant speak for you guys, but from my 
involvement in other open source projects and reading development 
mailing lists, this problem is especially bad here.

for Blender3d we have a "Blender functionality" list, since discussing 
improvements to software isnt exactly a user issue either.

features can be kicked out on this list and suggestions made be 
non-developers without friction.

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