On Thursday 26 July 2007, Nemes Ioan Sorin wrote:
>  > It took us long enough to get 2.4 done. I don't worry too much about
>  > adoption at this point. Sooner or later everyone will update.
> Btw, about adoption
> Gimp became more and more important - 2.4 is long awaited - interested
> peoples  will upgrade to 7.10 even only for Gimp 2.4 (if is a library
> problem) - I AM USING GUTSY FOR Gimp 2.3.18 (and 2.3.19 now).
>  > Feisty is not going to include GIMP 2.4 anyway. If we manage to release
>  > soon, then 2.4 will be in the next Ubuntu release though. And that
>  > release is likely going to use GTK+ 2.12 anyway.
> Gutsy already use GTK 2.11.6 and 2.3.18 work very well on Gutsy - not a
> single crash (and I use Gimp very intensive).

Quick starting point for 2.3.19 on Feisty:

1.) download gtk latest
2.) Compile it, with a prefix of something out of the way, 
like --prefix=/opt/gtk, make, make install
3.) export your PKG_INSTALL_PATH (wrong spelling) to find the .pc file 
under /opt/gtk/bin something
4.) configure gimp 2.3.19 and it will find it.

I had no idea how to do this, and I figured it out. Not rocket science.
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