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> Why don't add  such a wonderful floating tip with a short description of 
> the switch and not to revoke the possibility from a user?

This is already done.  There is a tooltip associated with that option
and it explains what it can be used for.  Just try it an see for

Sven is right to be concerned about the number of options in the JPEG
save dialog.  But as I explained in my previous message, this one is
useful so that is why I added it.  Besides the option "Force baseline
JPEG" that I removed last Friday, there are other options that could
be removed in the future:
- the choice of DCT method (integer, fast but less accurate integer,
  or floating-point) because the speed differences are not significant
- the ability to add restart markers because unreliable channels are
  much less common nowadays,
- the smoothing option because this can also be performed by the usual
  blur filters.
All these options could still be available through the PDB interface
for those who really miss them, but otherwise I think that they should
be removed from the advanced options soon after GIMP 2.4 is released.
It will then be time to think about redesigning the JPEG save dialog
from scratch.

As I mentioned earlier, I would like to simplify that dialog and only
have a dozen presets for the quality settings instead of having the
101 values in the quality slider plus the choice of chroma subsampling
in the advanced options.  Picking one of these presets would select
the corresponding quality level (quantization tables) and the most
appropriate chroma subsampling.  These may still be available in the
advanced options, but most users would never have to worry about them.
I am not sure if the best way to make a choice among the dozen presets
would be a set of radio buttons, a slider with discrete values or a
combo box, but this is something that we can discuss later when we
redesign that window.

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