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>    If the quantization tables found in the original file are not better
>    than your default quality settings, then the option "Use custom
>    quality settings" will be available but not enabled.  This ensures
>    that you always get at least the minimum quality specified in your
>    defaults.  If you did not make major changes to the image and you want
>    to save it using the same quality as the original, then you can do it
>    by enabling this option.
> Would "Use existing image quality settings" be a better name for this?

"existing" could be interpreted as "the settings that are currently
displayed in this window", which would not make much sense and would
just confuse some users.

I considered naming this option "Use original quality settings", but
one thing that I forgot to mention in my previous messages is that
it is possible to write a script or plug-in that attaches different
quantization tables to any image.  That would allow you to create an
image from scratch or from an existing file and then save it as some
other programs or devices would save it (e.g., save as "Photoshop
quality 12" or save as "Nikon D70s Fine").  In fact, I am planning
to release such a script soon.  I have already started extracting
quantization tables from a large number of JPEG images.  Considering
that the quantization tables attached to an image would not always
be the original ones, I decided to write "custom" instead of
"original" for the label of that option.  It is not perfect, but I
have not been able to find a better description..

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