here's an update of the update. We have made good progress since last
week and it is time to look at the list of showstoppers again:

> 78265 Add support for ICC color profiles

This is now (IMO) sufficiently implemented for 2.4. Still some minor
changes needed in the internals of the new profile chooser widget and at
some point I should add the cache for color transformations. But this
can be done without API and string changes, so it doesn't need to block
the release. 

> 156905 GimpAspectPreview doesn't respect the layer offset and ca...

This is still open but as I said already, it should be possible to fix
it using the available API.

> 349340 Alt behaves incorrectly for new rectangle/ellipse selecti...

Still open and I didn't find time yet to check how important it is to
get this fixed.

> 355545 fixing the aspect ratio for crop tool 

This is supposedly fixed. Haven't found much time yet to play with the
tools after Martins changes but I suppose it works fine now.

> 356716 GimpZoomPreview is broken in some plug-ins

Still two plug-ins that need to be fixed.

> 374854 possible optimizations in Script-Fu 

We have reverted the optimizations that were incomplete. Should have
another look at doing them for 2.6.

> 387604 print plug-in needs more work

After some more changes the Print plug-in is now ready for 2.4. It still
has problems printing to remote printers but that is most likely not a
bug in our code.

> 417166 Default ratio for crop tool is 1:1 instead of <current la... 

As far as I understand, this one still needs to be looked at. It seems
to be the major showstopper now.

> 438997 Output on stdout when using script-fu console

Simon and Kevin are working on this one and I am confident that it will
be fixed at some point. But we probably don't absolutely have to do this
before the release.

> 459518 Channel preview becomes black when the channel is deselected

I am tempted to ignore this for now and accept it as a trivial

All in all it looks as if we are done with API and string changes. So
even though there are still some bugs on the milestone, none of them
should block the 2.4.0-rc1 any longer.


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