Hi Guillermo!

Guillermo Espertino wrote:
 > Marius B wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> It seems that nobody is interested in this enhancement, but IMO it`s a
 >> nice feature that is worth discussing.
 >> I would like to hear your opinion about my mockup of this dialog
 >> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=92732
 >> in bugreport
 >> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=461658
 >> I know it`s not perfect, but it`s obvious for me, that the current one
 >> needs some redesign.
 > Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that mockup basically aims to 
change the aspect of the dialog without adding any enhancement. The tool 
does exactly the same but the dialog looks like Photoshop's one.
Does it? I havn't used PS since a long long time... if it looks like PS 
then I have to have a look at PS but I don't expect to find there 
highend visualisation functions like in motion picture color grading 
tools nor the cool discreet like preset banks... ;-)

Yes exactly the same except for:

- the more visual primary color selection with enhanced visualisation
- powerful storage banks for test setups
- a drop down preset lib
- loading and saveing of settings
- added compare tool
- sliders with scale marks and middel point mark

finally you can say it's exactly the same ;-)

 > The only improvement I see is the ability to see the actual influence 
of the overlap value on the color gradient, wich is cool, but I don't 
know if it's cool enough to change the whole dialog, that already works 
I only had an hour to made the mockup so I don't found the time to 
implement highlight/mid/shadow support or other needful extensions... 
you are right this had to be integrated for future mockups -  and even I 
have to go step by step - next version will show a lot more maybe... ;-)

Until today nobody has integrated this small cool things in a standard 
image editing application - not even that small things... (what sense 
made it to figure out complex things if even the simple ones are not 
realized? ;-)

 > Maybe it would be better for future versions to redesign the dialog 
adding some real enhancements to the tool, like arbitrary 3-point 
gradient selection and/or a curve for tweaking. In that case, the use of 
a wheel is better than a linear scale because it matches better with the 
well known color wheel scheme.

You are absolutely right - lets go and start with this - I really would 
enjoy to integrate all this things into a mockup and discuss pros and 

 > Gez.
 > p.s.: I support the idea that Campbell Barton suggested a couple of 
days ago. Maybe it would be better to create a new mailing list focused 
on functionality discussion. This would avoid the frequent conflict user 
requests vs. developers priorities and would bring some fresh ideas for 
the project.
 > I don't want to bug any developer with functionality requests if this 
list is only focused on coding, but I'd really like to have a place for 
discussing features and useability issues that are also very important 
for the overall  quality of Gimp.
That would be really great!
I'm a bit modest with posting here because of that...
And where to find the people from the GUI wiki?

Best Regards


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