Hi Guillermo!

Guillermo Espertino wrote:
> Danko Dolch escribiĆ³:
>>> Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that mockup basically aims to 
>>> change the aspect of the dialog without adding any enhancement. The 
>>> tool does exactly the same but the dialog looks like Photoshop's one.  
>> Does it? I havn't used PS since a long long time... if it looks like 
>> PS then I have to have a look at PS but I don't expect to find there 
>> highend visualisation functions like in motion picture color grading 
>> tools nor the cool discreet like preset banks... ;-)
> I attach a side by side comparision between your mockup and the 
> Photoshop CS2 Hue/Saturation dialog.
Ah jep - have to clarify that this first mockup was created by mario -> 
see the first post from him ;-)

>> Yes exactly the same except for:
>> - the more visual primary color selection with enhanced visualisation
>> - powerful storage banks for test setups
>> - a drop down preset lib
>> - loading and saveing of settings
>> - added compare tool
>> - sliders with scale marks and middel point mark
>> finally you can say it's exactly the same ;-)
> I wasn't talking about the PS Hue/Saturation tool.
> What I was trying to say is that this mockup looks like the PS dialog 
> but with the same features of the current tool in Gimp.
> *http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=92732*
> I don't see any of those features in that mockup.
> If you're referring to a different one, please let me know and point 
> me the correct URL.
PS Hue saturation tool?

Mario had created the first mockup: 

As response I thougt about how I would like use this tool and cerated 
this as an answer to marios first work:


to explain my thought's I put it together to this overview:

>> I only had an hour to made the mockup so I don't found the time to 
>> implement highlight/mid/shadow support or other needful extensions... 
>> you are right this had to be integrated for future mockups -  and 
>> even I have to go step by step - next version will show a lot more 
>> maybe... ;-)
> I'm looking forward to see that. I'm very interested! :)

That's great! Let's create some interesting new UI conceptions!
We should follow Seven's suggestions and crete more usage scenarios first...

>> Until today nobody has integrated this small cool things in a 
>> standard image editing application - not even that small things... 
>> (what sense made it to figure out complex things if even the simple 
>> ones are not realized? ;-)
> If I learned something in the Gimp's developers list is that you have 
> to convince developers of the value of your proposals.
> Most of the times it's a titanic task, but when you make it the 
> results are great.
> Most of the times, also, they don't pay attention to small changes, 
> but when a nice challenge pops up, they seem to be more interested.
> A couple of weeks ago I pointed an issue in the jpeg exporter. The 
> first time I was treated like... ehm... an idiot.
> But after the big discussion, there are some news in that field and 
> the exporter was greatly improved.
> As I told you, it was hard, but it worths.
It's a hard thing to improve things ;-) But we have to do it...
And yes - we have to create some real "challenges" for the coders ;-)

>>> Maybe it would be better for future versions to redesign the dialog 
>>> adding some real enhancements to the tool, like arbitrary 3-point 
>>> gradient selection and/or a curve for tweaking. In that case, the 
>>> use of a wheel is better than a linear scale because it matches 
>>> better with the well known color wheel scheme.
>> You are absolutely right - lets go and start with this - I really 
>> would enjoy to integrate all this things into a mockup and discuss 
>> pros and cons...
> Ok! I love the idea. Let's start to analize the possibilities and 
> brainstorm a couple of mockups so we can send them a complete use 
> scenario and a nice mockup to see if they like the idea of 
> implementing it.
> I'm working on a rough mockup with an idea with the wheel and 
> something else. I'll send you a sample when it is more advanced.
> Keep in touch!
ok - we will do! :-)

> Gez.
> P.s.: Sorry I called you Marius B in the list. I had misread the 
> e-mail heading.
no problem - hey mario let's start to work - we have a lot of things to 
do - and finaly figure out how we could support the GUI group...

Best Regards

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