Liam R E Quin wrote:
>> It would be easy to update Fixed: Size however, since that uses the same 
>> widget as Fixed: Aspect ratio, so I'm still curious about what you mean 
>> with "crop zone"
> I think it's fairly clear (although maybe I'm out to breakfast)...
> when you clidck on Fixed Size, the size (width + height fields)
> could be filled in from the current size of the crop preview
> rectangle, if there is one.

Sounds to me as if you need to svn up and rebuild :) Fixed size is no 
longer specified using separate Width and Height entries, instead, a so 
called GimpNumberPairEntry is used.

It seems to me as if you describe Fixed: Size simply as a facility to 
lock the current size. That was the case before I started to implement 
guiguru's rectangle tools spec [1], but it's not the case anymore, so 
your argumentation is somewhat "out of date" (or I have misunderstood it).

> There are some UI problems with this though.
> If I enter a width and height and then click fixed size,
> the crop rectangle preview probably needs to change, not
> the numbers I entered. So the dialogue would need to
> keep track of whether I had entered values into width
> and/or heigher since the state of Fixed Size was last
> changed, and retain those if so.  I think?

For handling Fixed: Width/Height, what the spec says makes most sense 
imo. Thew new GimpNumberPairEntry widget has what you are asking for, a 
"user override mode", and a "default values mode", please refer to spec 
for details. The problem is that the Fixed: Width/Height entry widgets 
do not have that functionality yet, and there lies the problem.

- Martin Nordholts

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