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> It seems to me as if you describe Fixed: Size simply as a facility to 
> lock the current size. That was the case before I started to implement 
> guiguru's rectangle tools spec [1], but it's not the case anymore, so 
> your argumentation is somewhat "out of date" (or I have misunderstood it).

I was trying to explain what I saw as the original poster's comment.
Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

However, with latest svn it's still frustrating:
(1) open a medium-sized image, e.g. 1000x3000 pixels
(2) press C to choose crop tool, and drag out a rectangle of
    (say) several hundred pixels on a side
(3) in tool options, check Fixed
(4) next to Fixed, choose Size from the pulldown
(5) the numbers 100x100 appear, and the Width and Height
    fields are (extremely annoyingly) greyed out so you can't
    copy and paste the numbers.
(6) if you try and move the rectangle now you've got it to
    the size you wanted, it will spring to 100x100.  Start over.


> [1] http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Selection_%2B_crop_tool_specification
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