Choi, Ji-Hui wrote:
> Hi. I'm new in gimp development.
> few day ago, I checked gimp 2.4 rc1 source, and then I noticed the
> l10n file for korean was so terrible. it means translation was not
> apply almostly.
> so I contacted our tongue translator, and got an answer. "it's for you." :-(
> BTW, so I fixed, reassigned, etc..
> now I wonder, can I apply this patch on 2.4.0?
> if I'm not late, where and what do I send?
> I worked with po file using poedit on windows XP
> please, give me advice
> Greetings

Hello Choi

I'm not sure what the Right way of doing this is, but for now you can 
attach the diff of the language file in reply to this mail, so that a 
developer can look it through and commit it if it looks ok.

- Martin
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