Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> The RC-1 rectangular selection tool has numeric fields disabled if  
> "fixed" checkbox is checked.  So one need to uncheck  it in order to 
> enter new value and then check it again.
> Why is it made so? Is it possible to have ability to type new value 
> numerically and see the result dynamically  without need to uncheck - 
> check the checkbox. This does not prevent fixing mouse behavior for 
> changing actual fixed aspects.


The Fixed: Size option does not fix the current size, it enforces the 
size specified in the Fixed: Size entry below.

Because of this, it does not make sense to uncheck the Fixed: Size 
checkbox, change Width and Height, and check it again. If you want a 
specific Width or Height, you should specify that in the Fixed: Size entry.

There is currently a discussion going on what would be good default 
values for this entry (the RC1 always have 100x100), so you might wanna 
hook on.

- Martin Nordholts
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