Akkana Peck wrote:
> Martin Nordholts writes:
>> It seems as if quite a lot of people would like there to be a way of 
>> fixing the size of a pending rectangle.
>> If we handled the default values of Fixed: Size the same way as for the 
>> default values of the Fixed: Aspect ratio entry (i.e. when rubber 
>> banding has ended, set the default width/height to the pending rectangle 
>> width/height) that would allow people to more intuitively fix the 
>> current rectangle.
> Here's a counter-argument. Suppose I need to make a whole bunch of
> fixed size images (perhaps for a slide show or to fill in spaces in
> a grid). I set the Fixed Size entry to 640x480 (or whatever) and
> make a few of them. But then I need to make some other adjustment
> involving a crop or rect select. I un-check Fixed, make my
> selection, and now I've lost the 640x480 and I'll have to type
> it in again.

First and foremost, each rectangle tool, Rectangle/Ellipse Select and
Crop, have its own tool options, so a certain Fixed: Size in th Crop
Tool will not affect the Fixed: Size in e.g. the Rectangle Select Tool.

Second of all, the problem you describe is actually solved (it was an
integral part of guigurus new rectangle tools redesign).

All Fixed: Size and Fixed: Aspect ratio entries have two modes,
user-overriden and automatic.

When in automatic mode, the numbers change whenever the default values

When in user-overriden mode, the number are unchanged until the user
clears the textbox, in which case the entry goes back into automatic
mode. User-overriden mode is entered whenever the user explicitly enters
a value.

So, if you have explicitly entered a value for Fixed: Size, you are 
guaranteed that it will never change, until you clear the textbox and 
set the entry in automatic mode again.

Currently, only the Fixed: Aspect ratio of th Crop tool gets constantly
updated default values, namely to the size of the image/layer when there
is no pending rectangle, and the size of the pending crop rectangle when
there is one.

You can see whether or not a Fixed: Size/Apsect ratio entry is in
automatic mode or not; when the text is italic, it is in automatic mode.
  A normal font indicates user-overridden mode.

It is because of this automatic/user-overriden mode functionality that I
think what I suggested will work, but I am of course still looking for
other counter-arguments :)

- Martin Nordholts

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