Rather strange conclusion  from my POV - if something very convenient 
cannot be provided for each and every case, it shouldn't be provided at 
I can prove my opinion with a case with healing brush. It saves me a lot 
of time and efforts during photo retouching despite the fact it doesn't 
support healing along a path.

Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> This should definitely change for 2.6.  But my question was about
> what kind of workaround can be implemented quickly for 2.4.  It looks
> like it might be better to have all plug-ins broken in the same way
> instead of just fixing the most used ones, so that would be the
> second option that I described in my previous message: ignore the
> settings from the original JPEG images and always re-use the
> parameters from the last saved image.  This is bad, but at least this
> is consistent with other file plug-ins (until they can all be fixed).
> -Raphaël

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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