before my holiday (1-8-7) there was this email from Esteban, asking  
he could show his ideas for GIMP. In my answer to that mail I see that
I already used the words 'visual brainstorming.'

During my holiday I thought about it some more, how this could work
and a cheap (in labour) and easy way to implement this.

And I have done so yesterday:

So I want to ask you guys + gals: from just looking at that page,
if the whole idea is clear to everybody. Also after discussing
on the irc a bit (thanks 'ari'), I put this CC licence on it
and I want to be sure it is the right thing.

If all is OK, this can be than the GIMP channel where everybody
can contribute their bit to the GIMP UI.


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         man + machine interface works
 : on interaction architecture

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