It's a good idea, but I think you should add a little explaination and a 
voting system (like digg's one) to get some statistics of the degree of 
popular aproval of each idea (but I'm not saying that the voting should 
be considered for implementation, just statistics).
A little text explaining the idea would let the visitors understand 
better the idea. In the mockups I sent you can clearly understand the 
basic behaviour just looking the screenshots and the title, but there 
are other aspects that are important too, about the grouping of the 
windows in a single taskbar button, the new menu arrangement and the 
tool windows being dependant of the splash or the document windows. It 
would be nice to have that kind of clarifications too.

Also I think that not allowing comments avoids the possibility to 
participate in an existing thread and suggest improvements.
But otoh, it would require someone moderating that blog, so I understand 
why not.

Thank you for the site!

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