Thank you for your reply. Now I understand what's the intention of the blog.
I first thought that was a kind of "community" approach to the UI 
design, but I see that it's different.
The next time I send an idea I'll try to fit better into these 
> Comment your idea text balloon style,
> instead of writing that long essay in your email
Ok, but...
Balloons are good for a few comments but they tend to clutter the image 
and obstruct the legibility if they're too much.
More complex ideas will require more balloons or more screenshots (and 
you said you want one or two).

Maybe something like this would help to keep the presentation simple:

- Author's briefing:
  Blahblahblah (with a limit of x words to avoid large essays like mine).

- Expert analysis:
  Blahblahblah because...

Anyway my next contributions will do have balloons, and for better 
legibility a neutral background (which I intentionally avoided because I 
wanted to show the solution on a real background, avoiding the idea of a 
single container like photoshop).
And a shorter text, sure :-)
> (I did not read it).
I'd really appreciate if you have a moment and read it. It took a couple 
of hours of my time trying to get a decent solution for a longstanding 
and polemic issue in gimp.
I'd really love to know what do you think about it. Of course I don't 
expect "I love it" or "it sucks", but your expert oppinion.
I don't see the point of the whole blog if there are only screenshots 
and nothing else. If nobody but the UI team will get something out of 
that blog, maybe the best idea is just to receive the files via e-mail 
and don't publish them.
People who contributes usually want to have a feedback.

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