I read about this in the gimp bugzilla, where Sven suggested someone should 
describe scenarios, when a polygonal selection tool could be usefull. So this 
is what I try to do here :

Most of the problems involve consecutive use of polygonal selection an other 
selection tools.

E.g. I made a rectangular selection. Now I changed my mind and want to cut 
little triangles into the selection.
However the only way to do this is to use the path tool right from the 

So I repeated everything until I got a similar result using the path tool by 
creating the whole selection from the beginning... Now I want to cut little 
circles into the selection, so I convert the path into a selection and cut the 
circles in it. However, when I want to cut further polygonal shapes out of the 
selection or add polygonal shapes afterwards, I cannot return to the path 
without destroying the circles that I already deleted from the selection.

Basically that is the problem, which cannot be solved using the path tool, as 
far as I know. If the free selection tool(F) would allow similar behavior than 
the brush, that is drawing straight lines when pressing shift, I could do all 
this, without ever changing from selection tools to the path tool. Another 
option would be an additional polygonal selection tool. The way it should work 
is similar to the free selection tool, however drawing straight lines. 
Additionally it should be possible to draw the lines in fixed angles when 
pressing ctrl, just like the brush.

I know this might be related to the style I am using the selections, but I 
thing a lot of people do it this way, especially when trying to design 
something, rather than editing photos or images.

I don't know if anyone here considers this feature as really important, but I 
know a lot of people that complained about this and who where asking for it. I 
would be glad to have it in gimp.
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