On 9/15/07, John Fremlin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yesterday I decided to implement the retinex algorithm described by
> John McCann in 1999 as a gimp plugin.
> I am using Python (in particular numpy for the main calculations) and
> consequently chose to put in some modifications to the algorithm to
> make it more efficient, but it makes generally the same effect as that
> described in
>    Brian Funt, Florian Ciurea, and John McCann "Retinex in Matlab," 
> Proceedings of the IS&T/SID Eighth Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, 
> Systems and Applications, 2000, pp 112-121.
>    http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~colour/publications/IST-2000/index.html
> As this is my first foray into gimp plugging in, I'd appreciate if
> someone could look over the code. Is there a more efficient way of
> getting out one colour channel of the image at a time? At the moment I
> read in the whole image which takes a lot of memory.

plug_in_decompose decomposes the image into a layer per channel.

> Searching the archives today I notice that Pedro Paf was suggesting
> implementing it as a Summer of Code project - as the algorithm is very
> simple (a day to make even starting no numpy or Gimp python
> knowledge), what enhancements where being contemplated?

I find this odd -- your whole email odd, in fact, because -- there is
already a retinex plugin (found at Colours->Retinex;
plug-ins/common/retinex.c in the GIMP source tree.).  If you want to
add some enhancements, perhaps you could check that out first.
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