On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 09:09:29 +0300, Aurimas Juška wrote:

> Interestingly enough, I could never think of a splash screen that
> would be made for one version (2.4) and imposible to rework for other
> (2.6). You proved it's possible :)

Am I the only one who thinks of polydactylism in this context?
Not that I'd like to see a screenshot like that in Gimp 2.6, though.

#!/usr/bin/perl -I' # tekscribble.pl - start in an xterm and scribble with mouse
$|=1;$g="\35";sub g{getc}sub [EMAIL PROTECTED]"stty 
p"$g\33\32";$_=g;$x=g;$X=g;$y=g;$Y=g;last if/q/;$k=$y.chr((ord$Y)+64).$x.chr((
ord$X)+32);p"\33\14"if/c/;p$g.(/ì/?$l:$k).$k;$l=$k;}p"\33\3";system"stty icanon"

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