David Polberger wrote:
> I have been trying to investigate this bug using GDB, and while I have 
> come up with a solution that cures the problem, it's likely not the 
> correct fix. This seems to be a GDK problem, but I would like some 
> feedback from this list on whether this is indeed the case.
> I'm happy that I 
> have managed to fix a bug -- at least for my own purposes -- that has 
> annoyed me for some time now, but it doesn't seem to be a proper fix. 
> I'd be happy to send a patch that can be applied to the Subversion 
> trunk, but as noted, I would like to get some feedback on this first.

Congratulations on your first steps towards becoming a GIMP developer! ;)

You are however right in that that the solution that worked for you
would not be appropriate for the official GIMP since indeed GIMP looks
at the history of a device for a reason; to smooth out strokes e.g. when
painting with brushes large enough for making GIMP choke.

Without having looked closely at the issue and just reading your
analysis of it, the bug appears to be in the libs GIMP use. Might be the
GTK X backend, or even as deep as X itself, perhaps in the form of a
mouse driver bug or something.

There is a chance that this bug has been fixed in more recent versions
of GTK and/or X and/or your mouse driver, so before continuing your
search for a fix lower down in the libs I highly recommend you to use
the latest SVN versions of the appropriate libs (and GIMP).

Martin Nordholts

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