On 10/7/07, Andrew Young <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have been an avid Gimp user for a number of years. I have always wished
> Gimp supported non-destructive image adjustments such those available with
> Photoshop "adjustment layers." ... Is anyone looking for a new feature to
> work on and would be interested in helping me?

Bullet item number 2.


   - 8bit, 16bit integer and 32bit floating point, RGB, CIE Lab, and
   Y'CbCr output.
   - Non destructive editing
   - C, C# <http://www.gegl.org/gegl-sharp/>,
   Ruby <http://www.gegl.org/rgegl/> interfaces.
   - Extendable through plug-ins.
   - XML serialization format (not-finalized)
   - Iterative processing.


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