On Thu, 2007-10-18 at 18:10 +0200, The Peach wrote:

> anyway what I was saying is that as long as I've looked, the only way
> IMHO is to grab the cursor pixmap with gdk_cursor_get_image, get the
> cursor's coordinates (don't know how to do that) and then
> "paste" (neither don't know what will be more handy) onto the desktop
> grabbed at the right coordinates.
> is there a bettere way? Did I say something wrong?

You can only access your own cursor that way (that of the screenshot
plug-in). The point of a screenshot application is though to grab
screenshots of other applications. gdk_cursor_get_image() won't work for

Did you check if kscreenshot does actually show the correct cursor? I
suspect what they are doing is to simply paste a default cursor image on
the screenshot. You can already do that easily in GIMP after you have
taken the screenshot.


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