> Sven, can you explain what you mean by "incorrect"? 

I have explained it several times already. I don't think that I can
explain it any better. There are internals involved here and we can't
just change the user interface because of these internals.

> I think the blend mode in the fade UI should be removed altogether.
> As people here already commented, even if behind the screen "replace" is set
> initially, it should be changed to "normal" automatically. 
> After all, only the "normal" mode has the desired influence of actually fading
> the last effect. If it's called "fade" and it doesn't fade, it's of no use.

Ok then we will have to remove it, as we can't change it. That's sad
because it's a nice feature. But if so many people don't understand it,
then it should probably be removed. I will make a patch for that then.


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