so far we didn't have a well-defined development roadmap. I would like
to propose that this is changed for GIMP 2.6 and beyond. Hopefully this
can help to acomplish two goals:

 - GIMP 2.6 should not take too long to develop
 - we will get more developers

Before we start the discussion of the roadmap, perhaps we should talk
about how we should go about getting to a roadmap. Should we do it on
this list, do we want to use a Wiki, Bugzilla or anything like that?

IMO it would be best if people proposed features here so that they can
be discussed on the list. We should then collect these proposals
somewhere and try to decide on milestones for them later. It would
probably help if we try to be strict bout only proposing a single
feature per mail.

What do you think?


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