Hi, I'ts been a while since I've last written here.
First of all congrats for getting 2.4 out the door.
I'm not a developer, just a humble graphic artist & semi-professional UI 

I think making a roadmap is a very important step in the development of Gimp.
But I suggest before that, Gimp needs a mission statement. If you've happened 
to read the talkback on /. to the release announcement, you may have noticed 
most people compared Gimp to Photoshop and complaining on its shortcomings.  I 
think a clear message as to the direction Gimp development will take in the 
future is important. The choice is simple: Professional tool for the Graphic 
artist, or image editor for the home user and amateur photographer. Mozilla 
suite - or Firefox. 

I believe Gimp's target audience should be the home user and amateur 
photographer, and future development in this direction should take precedence 
over features for the professional artist. Gimp is already a default install in 
many distros. Many more people will benefit from a simple, easy to use tool 
that will enable them to create web art and modify pictures than they will from 
a complex app crammed full of incomprehensible functions.
But this must be written down and displayed on the website so everyone can see 
and understand just what is Gimp and where it is going.

Back to the subject of the roadmap.
As well as a guide for future development, a roadmap can be used to recruit 
potential developers by creating a vision for the future of Gimp which will 
inspire them to join the effort. I believe the internals work is important and 
necessary, but it does not inspire. Perhaps a roadmap should be drawn for the 
next two or three releases, leading up to Gimp 3. If the vision is attractive 
enough (and accompanied by detailed mockups and design documents), more people 
will want to join in and will agree to do some grunt work, knowing what all the 
hard work will eventually lead to.

As for user-visible changes in version 2.6, I think an important goal should be 
to get Gimp to work well with the desktop environment. I'm talking about the 
multiple taskbar buttons and related subjects. I'm writing this on Ubuntu 7.10 
and Gimp is showing some strange window behaviours here. I know similar thigs 
are happening in the Windows port.
If there's anything most users will appreciate it's this.


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so it looks like we should toss some ideas around here on the
mailing-list to get an idea what could be our goals for 2.6. Let me
propose a few things for discussion:

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