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> Roadmapping what over-arching UI topics will be dealt with
> in this release will be necessary to have UI specifications
> ready _before_ implementation starts. During 2.4 it has already
> been shown that having a UI spec encourages new developer
> participation and that can only be a good thing.

I think to get new developers it will be necessary to adopt a more active
recruitment policy. The current plan for 2.6 is necessary but not inspiring
for new developers unless they know how Gimp will benefit from this in the
long run- and showing is better than telling.
So: extend the roadmap to versions 2.8 and 3.0. Create convincing mockups,
and post them. Then once everything is in place, go public. Send press
releases to websites such as linux.com and slashdot, explain and show
the planned changes, and ask for help. Paste a big "wanted" ad on the website.

> Working on the problems we have easily moving the contents of
> selections, you pretty soon hit the floating selection mechanism.
> We already identified in our evaluation that as something that
> needs to be transformed from a headache that makes you think
> into something that you never notice but just works.

Just as important is the layer boundary problem - this needs to be automated.
But in both cases, I think even just committing to fixing it in a future 
version will
benefit the project. Even if nothing is visible in the 2.6 release itself.

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