On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 12:14 -0200, Daniel Pinheiro Lima wrote:

> I'm a professional animator and use the Gimp-gap tools as my principal
> tool. Since I migrate to Linux ubuntu everything was work just
> perfect. In my point of view, gimp gap is the best toolkit to the
> traditional animator (like me). Congratulations for this great
> software The Gimp. But, in the new version of Gimp, the gap tool are
> sending a Message error: 
> "GIMP Error:
> O Procedimento 'gimp-image-delete'  foi chamado com um ID inválido
> para o argumento 'image'. O mais provável é que um plug-in esteja
> tentando operar em uma imagem que não existe mais." (in the Portuguese
> version) 
> it's something like: "the 'gimp-image-delete' was call by a invalid ID
> to the image argument. The most probable is, a plug in are trying to
> operate a image that doesn't exist anymore.

What version of gap are you using? We have released an updated version
of gap 2.2 before we did the GIMP 2.4 release. You shouldn't get this
error with this version. But of course we might have missed a problem.


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