while we are talking about the roadmap. There are some tasks left
unfinished that we should set on the agenda. At least so that people
realize that there's work left to be done. Perhaps we can attract some
developers who want to fix them.

Heal Tool
The heal tool needs to be finished. Currently it only allows stamping
but it should be possible to actually paint with the heal tool.

We have already discussed this earlier here. As far as I understand this
mainly needs someone to actually finish the work. Some good
understanding in the math involved is probably useful.

Sample Points
Sample points are in 2.4 but they are not quite done yet, It's hard to
discover how to set them and how to manipulate them. The Sample Points
dialog only deals with a fixed number of sample points. And I think that
Sample Points don't support sampling a region as the Color Picker tool
allows you to do. That would be pretty important though to make them
useful for color corrections. 

Needs some thoughts on the UI. Depending on what comes out of this, we
might get away with only some relatively simple changes.

Foreground Select Tool
The SIOX crew has developed a refinement brush for the foreground select
tool (see siox.org). That would certainly make the tool a lot more
useful. There is even some code for this already in our code base, it is
just not used yet.

This involved getting into contact with Gerald or one of this students.
They should be able to explain what needs to be done. We can then review
it from a user interface point of view and implement it.


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