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> Layer boundaries
> ----------------
> It would be nice if layers would enlarge themselves when needed. It is
> annoying that the user has to care about this.
> This should be looked at from a user perspective first. When we have
> figured out the details (like how to align a text layer if it doesn't
> have a border), we can look how to best implement it. GEGL supports
> sparse tiles, doesn't it?

At the moment the GeglBuffer system is only catering to the immediate
needs of rendering from
input buffers (what would be considered drawables in GIMP) that do not
change size after they
have been initially constructed. Internally in the GeglBuffer itself
this limitation is manifested by GEGL only keeping one (huge) buffer
for each pixel format, and handing out pieces of this as buffers are
constructed. This is something that is open for change, and I very
much subscribe
to the idea that layer boundaries should be dealt with automatically.

Another part of GeglBuffer that is lacking in this regard is that it
doesn't automatically replace a
fully erased tile with a clone of the blank tile of the buffer,
similar optimizations could probably
be applied for tiles that have completely uniform color.

/Øyvind K.

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