Hi Everyone

I have contributed precisely nothing to the Gimp. I am just some twit 
learning to program, hoping to be of use.

Having said that,

I don't know of any specific details about what Carol has said or done 
but I am sadly familiar with thread #1 on this topic, I found it before 
I joined a Gimp list, it is easily found within the search results from 

Here is what I suggest(keeping in mind my vast ignorance):
Let's forgive and forget whatever Carol has said. However would it be a 
good thing to elect a moderator to guide and if need be enforce etiquette?

Open source developers have some how found the time, on this brutal 
planet, to write such great software with little or no compensation. 
This should really be the 1st wonder of the world.

Motivation and moral are likely a big part of this-Patrick

Sven Neumann wrote:
> Moin,
> we have had this thread before and last time there were a lot of
> developers who expressed their opinion that Carol is not any longer
> acceptable as a member of the GIMP team. Last time we have had this
> thread, it was up to Yosh to respond and he asked for a break because he
> was busy back then. As far as I can see, Yosh did not respond so far.
> While Carol has stopped posting to our mailing-lists, which is good, she
> is still very active in our IRC channel #gimp. Lately things are really
> getting out of hands. She is insulting people, preferably developers and
> long-time contributors. This is absolutely inacceptable.
> Yosh, as far as I know you are in charge of administrating the IRC bots
> that are repsonsible for giving operator status to known users. I demand
> that Carol is removed from the list of users that get this priviledge.
> We can discuss further actions when this has happened. But this
> absolutely needs to happen now. We can not tolerate this any longer.
> Sven
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