Guillermo Espertino writes:
> Tabs don't work for image manipulation because is frequent to compare 
> between two+ images or work with two views (one zoomed and the other at 
> 100%) . If we use tabs we have only one image open at a time and that's 
> mostly a problem for pros.

Clearly it wouldn't be good to have tabs as the only way of using
multiple images. But there are lots of cases for which one tabbed
image window would be great. For instance, you're editing several
images from your camera. They're all the same size, you probably
aren't going to be doing much with layers or separate views, and
you're only going to be working with one at a time. A tabbed
interface would be ideal for that.

I'd love to see tabs as an option in image windows. As with Firefox,
you'd be able to choose "Open in new window" versus "Open in new tab"
in the same window. And of course you'd always have the "New view"
option regardless of whether you were using tabs.

Then people who only want one window (the people who ask for MDI,
or who don't have window managers with multiple desktops and have
trouble managing lots of windows) could put all their images in a
single tabbed window. Add menu integration and a way of docking the
toolbox and layers/paths/etc. dialogs, and you can get down to one
window, like the MDI fans want, without having to take away the nice
multiple-window multiple-view capability that current GIMP users enjoy.

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