Loo wrote:
> I'm not a developer, but I am a pro, and I would love to see some kind
> of tab implimentation--as long as the individual images can be
> undocked or detabbed allowing more than one image open at a time.  In
> fact, that's the most profound idea I'd read about for the UI.
Yes, sure. But detachable tabs aren't too different to the photoshop 
"windows in a window" approach, and maybe it's a better idea to choose 
that instead of tabs (for people who usually rant because Gimp UI isn't 
like photoshop's).
Creating a tabbed interface would require to completely transform the 
current one, and at that point seems to be more feasible to go with the 
window in window idea, and make several people happy.
But personally, I think it would be nice to reach a better solution 
using the current floating windows. Better for the coders, who won't 
need to rework the UI completely, better for the existing users who are 
comfortable with the floating windows thing, and it is well done, better 
for new users who will find a different way to use an image manipulation 
The good thing about free/open source program is innovation. Great 
things can appear, not just free-of-charge clones of commercial apps.

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