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On 28/10/2007, Guillermo Espertino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 1) As I proposed in my mockup, just make the toolbox and docker
> dependant of the active image.
>        - When there is no image open: use the splash (one button in the
> taskbar named GIMP)
>        - When there is one image open: panels attached to the image (one
> button in the taskbar named GIMP-[document name])
>        - When there is two+ images: panels attached to the focused image
> (one button per image in taskbar).
> Pretty similar to the current behaviour, but removing the extra buttons
> of the panels.

If I understand what you mean by "attached," then if you set the docks
to be "utility" windows this is the behaviour that you get already
(except when no image is open). This is the setup I usually use.

> 2) Create (well, it's in part already done) a switcher between opened
> images. The problem is... where do we place it.
> Right now there is a button that allows to choose which of the opened
> images will be displayed in the panels (by default it is set to aouto).
> Maybe it would be nice to redesign that dialog  making it more graphic,
> and make it work as an "opened documets switcher".

Isn't this what the "Images" dialog does? You can even set it to
display as a grid without the filenames.
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