Yes, I knew that (both the "utility" setting and the image dialog).
What I meant was to polish those two features and make them work 
correctly in every platform (afaik the "utility" setting seems to have 
some problems in windows, for instance) so can make them available as 
the default behavior.
When I asked Sven some time ago why the "utility" setting wasn't the 
default behavior, he answered that it wasn't because it didn't worked 
completely as intended.

I'm talking about trying to address some problems using the existing 
resources as much as possible, as a realistic short-term solution. Many 
people ask for a complete UI redesign, but I think that much can be 
accomplished improving the existing.
I think that making this at least would move the UI some steps forward 
and prepare the field for further changes in the future.


Henk Boom escribió:
> If I understand what you mean by "attached," then if you set the docks
> to be "utility" windows this is the behaviour that you get already
> (except when no image is open). This is the setup I usually use.
> ...
> Isn't this what the "Images" dialog does? You can even set it to
> display as a grid without the filenames.
>     Henk Boom
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