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> Felipe:
> Tabs don't work for image manipulation because is frequent to compare 
> between two+ images or work with two views (one zoomed and the other
> at

As an alternative, I'd like to suggest a UI setup I filched from Erdas Imagine 
(a GIS app). It sort-of emulates the Mac OS idea of starting an application 
with just a toolbar.

here's the mockup (I made it long ago):

After the application starts, all you see is the menu dialog at the top.
It's not that different from the current setup, but a top-level "menu" is more 
reasonable than a top-level "toolbox". You get a single menu instead of the 
duplication in menus you have today (toolbox menu and image menus). You can 
still have the pop up dialog appear when you start Gimp, but when you close all 
the currently open images, you don't need to pop it up again as the menu is 
still there. And you can add toolbars for file operations and common dialogs.

The idea of a single menu for all open documents also solves the problem of 
accessing menu item on small images. Imagine you are working on 10 small web 
buttons at the same time - currently, either some menu items will be trimmed or 
you have to have an image window with a lot of padding beyond the actual image 
size. This way, the entire menu is always visible.

I'm not 100% supportive of it - it seems like a bit of a cludge - but it's an 

Oh, on more thing - taskbar buttons. if this idae is considered seriously, 
perhaps a move to a single taskbar button for Gimp, no matter how many images 
are open concurrently, should be considered.

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