patrick wrote:
> hi,
> there's a bug on ubuntu gutsy with gimp 2.4.0-rc3:
> in fullscreen mode (F11) there is a lag when doing an action (around 1 
> sec.). by action i mean, using the paintbrush, eraser, airbrush, select 
> tools etc... i tried with a small canvas 320x240, same lag as 1280x1024.
> there is no problem if i don't use the fullscreen mode.
> is there a place to add this bug?
> maybe i should upgrade?
> pat
> _____________________________________________


Strange symptoms. I am not having any problems on Gutsy in fullscreen.
Maybe there is a program running in the background that panics when an
application is in fullscreen?

Run top when GIMP is in fullscreen to see if there is some program
taking all the CPU.

This doesn't sound like a CPU problem though. Does all programs become
slow when in fullscreen, or is it only GIMP? Maybe this is a X
server/driver issue.

Martin Nordholts
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