Sven Neumann escribió:
> Nevertheless, if we can make sure that there's always a leader window,
> then using the utility hint is going to work much better than it does
> currently.

Oh, I understand.
I can see why Inkscape hasn't the same problem. But in their case they 
have a complete instance of the whole interface for every document 
opened, which is not an acceptable thing for a Gimp (well, it isn't 
acceptable for Inkscape either, I read that they're planning to change 
for a tabbed interface soon).
Thanks for the clarification.

I looked at Opera, as it has been suggested here. It has very good 
options for managing tabs (manage different views and make tiles or 
cascades for multiple views, detach windows from the tabbed environment, 
I have to agree that it seems pretty convenient for GIMP.
Now, the question is, as gg pointed out, if GTK allows that kind of 
solution. I've never seen a GTK app doing that, so I'm afraid it doesn't.

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