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> Hi,
> On Sun, 2007-10-28 at 19:20 -0300, Guillermo Espertino wrote:
>> I looked at Opera, as it has been suggested here. It has very good
>> options for managing tabs (manage different views and make tiles or
>> cascades for multiple views, detach windows from the tabbed environment,
>> etc.)
>> I have to agree that it seems pretty convenient for GIMP.
>> Now, the question is, as gg pointed out, if GTK allows that kind of
>> solution. I've never seen a GTK app doing that, so I'm afraid it  
>> doesn't.
> Perhaps we are simply talking about different things. Of course GTK+
> provides a notebook widget and what else would we need to implement
> this?
> gedit would be an example of a GTK+ application that uses tabs to handle
> multiple documents.
> Sven

Sure there's tab widget. The point I was uncertain about was whether a  
second click on a tab would push it back in the z-order. I know Gimp is  
sometimes held back by limitations of GTK+ over which it has no direct  

Robert Krawitz has replied that there is an extension that does this.  
Hopefully covers it. This is particularly useful for comparing two images  
without needing to look away.

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