To my understanding, switching to Cairo for the canvas (and switching
away from XOR drawing) will involve two things:

1) Porting GimpCanvas to Cairo instead of raw GDK.  That should be pretty
straightforward:  I think virtually all of the relevant code lives
in app/display/gimpcanvas.c.

2) Changing the implementation of gimp_draw_tool_pause() in 
app/tools/gimpdrawtool.c, so that instead of erasing the drawing
using the XOR trick, it redisplays the projection of the image.  I
believe that getting this to happen efficiently will require maintaining
a pixmap of the projection as it is currently displayed.  Given that
that needs to happen in any case, this might be a good time to take
on the problem of displaying an interpolated view of the projection 
instead of the current every-nth-pixel view.

  -- Bill

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